Married, cats, puppy. Love. I love staying in and just watching movies. Horror has my heart but my favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz. When I went to see Wicked, I fell in love with the movie even more. I can’t function without music. I listen to whatever I can relate to at the moment, from metal to rap, easy listening to classical. Music has no limits. I’m sporadic. It’s natural to be to just take a 2 day vacation to San Francisco or Nevada on a whim (my favorites so far) I’m a lover of animals. I’m a doggie parent to 1 and a cat mom to 2. I love the supernatural. Ghost hunts and spirit dwellings captivate me. I’m a reader. Of cards and books. I’m a protector.. but not a saint. I still carry guilt from my past but I’m reassured of what a good person I am by my wife and friends. I’m married. 5  years (10/28/08) and it feels like seconds and forever all at once. She’s amazing and at times I feel I don’t deserve her. She’s beyond talented and intelligent. Beautiful inside and out. My love. I work full time, 9-5, and have the weekends to myself. Life is peaceful for the most part. It’s amazing where life can lead you.


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